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Update from the Harshes—Ukraine


When the war first started, Roger was asked the question, "Roger, are the needs in Kiev real? Is this person I heard about really doing that?" Roger was able to confirm that some very brave people were still in Kiev helping mothers and children, feeding the elderly, and that many of the orphans needed to get out of the city. They heroically responded.


Thank You for Your Prayers and Financial Support

We have been so encouraged by your prayer support and financial assistance. Roger was able to get a whole carload of supplies into Ukraine! It was 5 hours getting in and 7 hours getting out but the needed supplies were delivered. He and Matt Ferguson met up with a truck driver about 10 miles from the Slovak border. Our car was full of diapers, baby food, sleeping bags, medicine, food, printer paper, power banks etc. and the 24-ton tractor trailer had mattresses, generators, space heaters, food, etc. The supplies were then redistributed in Ukraine.

People were sleeping everywhere possible at the Nehemiah center—even in the office and hallways. Internally displaced people had come from all over Ukraine, especially from the East and Kiev. Some daring drivers are also bringing supplies to Kiev.

A military storage area was bombed in Transcarpathia and the soldiers are now needing metal bowls to eat from, boots and bandages. Some of our Czech friends have been making run after run into Ukraine. A couple of them are bravely heading over to Kiev k and beyond delivering supplies. We ask for your prayer for our friend and his team doing those runs.


Pastors Preaching God's Kingdom

While in Ukraine Roger was able to meet with our long-time friend, Pastor Volodya. It was such a blessing to share and pray together. To put it in perspective, we have been going to this part of Ukraine for over 25 years. Roger was also able to pray with another friend who is now a Chaplain in the Ukraine Army. He was a pastor before but because he had prior military experience, he was called in. The pastor shared of God protecting the troops as they were on the front lines trying to rescue mothers and children. He shared what a blessing it is to see some of the young guys turn their hearts to Jesus.


Trip to Budapest

We have just returned from Budapest, Hungary. While there, we heard from friends bringing items in and bringing people out through Hungary and Slovakia. There is an airport near the border in Ukraine (and not so far from Nehemiah!!) and the truckers and foot passengers are afraid of the missiles that could be fired at any time to attack the small airport there. The Hungarian border is allowing medical supplies in but the Slovak border is not. Our friend in Budapest said they are running out of big order supplies of bandages and the like. We are glad to be able to network with friends and ministry partners through all of this.

We were glad to be able to join up with the YWAM Central European JOURNEY Discipleship Training School (DTS) for a couple of days. YWAM Prague teammate Zachary is helping to staff that DTS. We enjoyed our time with him, staff and students. Steve Johnson base director of YWAM Budapest did a great job on teaching The Exchanged Life. We were blessed to lead a time of prayer for the Czech Republic. Our prayers will be with this DTS as they head to Serbia and Romania for their teaching phase and then their outreach around Central Europe!


Serving in Prague

Robin received a call from a Czech man who was returning from Ukraine. He was transporting a 21-year-old, her sister and nephew from Mariupol in his van! He was taking them to a city outside of Prague where they had some family friends. Robin was able to have an afternoon with the young woman, take her to lunch and buy her some needed sneakers, a lightweight jacket and get her little 5 year old nephew a jacket. We were also able to send the family where they are staying with some extra funds to help cover some of their costs.

Life shifts right now from the big picture—all the needs, and then it comes down to one little family whose parents are still in Mariupol. They lost contact with their parents on March 9th but just heard from them. Her dad has shrapnel in his leg but is recovering in another city. This gal is our kids’ age. She probably didn't realize that it was a huge joy for us to take her on a little shopping trip. It makes your heart break to think of all the kids and young people like her who are separated from their parents.


Continued Prayer

We really appreciate your prayers. During this time we continue to have other organizational meetings and teams to talk with, however, the war influences so many of our teams.

Soon, we hope to travel to Slovakia. The base there is filled with refugees. Roger is also planning another trip into Ukraine. Pray for safe travels, strength, and provision.

Please pray for Roger. He has had a bad cough and congestion. When we were traveling back from Hungary Roger's doctor "just happened" to call and check up on him since he previously had COVID again. She sent us a prescription by text, and we were able to get some medicine while traveling. Praise God for technology and His faithfulness to care for us and heal us!

Pray for Elizabeth and Josiah as they begin their medical research internships for 10 weeks starting in May. God has been so faithful to provide for them. They have their 2nd year finals the last week of April.

Thank you to all of your who have been praying for us and Ukraine. It has been heart breaking to hear and see all the people affected by this awful war. We continue to pray for peace. Thank you again for your prayers and financial gifts.

A special account has been set up that is specifically for Ukraine relief efforts. Funds may be sent to CCNC using the same address below. Please earmark these donations by writing "Harsh/Ukraine" on the check. Now more than ever, we appreciate your generosity, and we thank God for your faithfulness in supporting His work in Central and Eastern Europe.


Christian Community Network of Churches (or CCNC) c/o Roger & Robin Harsh 5586 Olentangy River Road Columbus, Ohio 43235 The check should be made out to: CCNC for the Harshes

*If a gift is to go directly to the Ukraine account, please make note of it.

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