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Ukraine Crisis - February 2022


Crisis in Ukraine

Dear Friends,

As you are all aware the situation in Ukraine has escalated to an unbelievable state. With attacks on many fronts and in the capital city of Kiev many people are fleeing.

Where we live in Prague, Czech Republic refugees from Ukraine are starting to flow in. The Czech government is relaxing its visa laws and Covid related entry rules for Ukrainians in danger. We are extending practical help to the people coming in. At the present time we are collecting food, hygiene products and games for children. The next phase will be clothes and other items. We would be grateful for any donations financially or practically to assist those in need.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Central Europe is seeing the effects of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Refugees are coming over every border possible to escape the atrocities of war. We have had many conversations and prayer times over the past several days. We have worked with our base locations in Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary to house and feed Ukrainian refugees and YWAM staff who are quickly getting out of Ukraine. Just last night 20 people arrived into Slovakia with more coming. People have already arrived to our Cluj, Romania base and we expect more to follow. Where we don't have YWAM housing on the ground in Poland, we are working with their local churches to provide housing to the refugees coming over the border. The lines at the border crossings are growing kilometers long. If they are Ukrainian it is mostly women and children coming through as the men between 18-60 years of age must stay and serve in the military. We have friends who even just yesterday signed up for the draft. Fathers, sons, friends....people we love and cherish. We will be helping to support the refugees in the border countries of Ukraine as well. The money will be given directly to the YWAM bases to support basic living expenses for the refugees. We personally have contact with our friends at these locations who are receiving the refugees into their facilities.

We also have friends from the wonderful organization, Nehemiah, that we have worked with for over 25 years. They are located near the Slovak border on the Western side of Ukraine. They are housing and feeding many women and children who have come as displaced refugees from Eastern Ukraine. They will remain in Ukraine and help those in need.

Also YWAM in Ternopil, Ukraine is housing many YWAM staff and refugees from Kiev and further East who travelled there in the past week due to fighting and bombing in the East and Kiev. We would like to see these efforts supported financially as well.

Here is some news directly from Kiev, Ukraine from a trustworthy source that came in on Saturday:

Dear friends,

This night was sleepless for many Ukrainians. I think everyone was praying. Here is an update. I tried to put the most recent information so that you don't have to look at many places:

  • Russian forces are approaching Kyiv from three sides and battles are taking place in many locations all across the country. Tonight the enemy entered Kyiv.

  • A couple of hours ago there was an intense battle near the zoo, which is on the main road from Kyiv out to the west. In order to stop the enemy two bridges have been blown up in the city near metro stations. One of them was recently built. There is gunfire in other locations inside the city as well.

  • Small groups of armed saboteurs are everywhere. They try to do harm by putting special luminescent marks for helicopters and planes.

  • Citizens of Kyiv have been issued arms to join in the battle against the Russian invaders. In fact there were not enough guns for everybody. They issued 18000 arms. We were informed that yesterday they got more from Poland. Thank you, Poland.

  • Russian media is reporting false information, trying to cause provocation. They deny the invasion is taking place.

  • Russians have fired on hospitals, schools, and many civilian locations in many cities such as Kharkiv, Kherson, Melitopol, Kyiv and others. Whether intentional or not, these buildings are being destroyed. They used all kinds of weapons.

  • Ukrainian forces continue to destroy Russian tanks, vehicles, airplanes, helicopters and soldiers, but the numbers of those from Russia are overwhelming.

  • It feels to many Ukrainians that no place in Ukraine is safe now because of the bombing that has taken place throughout the country. Today people heard alarm signals in Lutsk Kyiv, Uman, Rivne and Lviv, which seemed to be the safest place. They had to stay or run to shelters which are not many. Others stay at their flats.

  • Russian soldiers are using Ukrainian military and police uniforms as disguises. They are trying to take out power stations, shut down electricity, and so on. They've driven up to checkpoints and shot Ukrainian soldiers. There are many such small groups all around.

  • The Russian disinformation campaign is huge. Unfortunately, many western news sources get caught up in this and report wrong data. Please, please, please double-check before you post something online. Use at least two or three sources if possible before forwarding something.

We are very, very proud of all our defenders.

We are so grateful to our God. Thank you so much 💓for your prayers and support 🙏.

Together we will have a victory💪✌️. Praise be to the God Almighty!

Wow! That is powerful information from someone who is there!

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