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Pray for Peace Between Ukraine & Russia - March 2022


Aid to Ukrainians

We are in awe at how people have responded to the call for aid for the internally displaced people in Ukraine and Refugees. So many groups and people are coming together to get aid to those in need. CISP (Christian International School of Prague) took up a collection for the refugees. I was able to help drive it to Moravia where it was picked up by someone else, and then it went over the Hungarian border into Ukraine.

A few days ago a long time friend of mine was able to take four van loads of supplies into Ukraine through the Polish border. He was then able to heroically bring mothers and children back with him who needed to flee the war torn areas. It came about because asked if the need and people were legit and if we knew them. Sure enough yes, and yes, and God was with him in some daring adventures.

Friday night we had 6 people staying with us from Germany. They had 3 vans full of aid and were going to minister on the Polish border to the refugees who are flooding through the borders there. We were glad to sew into the work they are doing there. Mind you all this takes place with awhirl wind of phone calls, WhatsApp and messenger as people are needing help on all fronts.

There were 3,000 Ukrainian refugees coming to Czech by train. They traveled several days without food and water. They were mainly women and children with the elderly. Two babies were born on the train. While at a donation center helping to prepare items for refugees here in Prague, we were told that the train got in and that they immediately needed baby formula, water, diapers, and some bread now at the train station. Ten minutes before someone brought in boxes and boxes of baby formula! We could see God's hand move as things were provided at just the right time. We quickly loaded the cars and went down to the train station. The Czech firemen flagged us over to a side entrance of the station where the supplies could be delivered right away to the refugees. God hears the cries of the mothers and children.

We have been providing aid for Ukraine through different churches and organizations. On Monday I (Roger) and another colleague will be driving to Slovakia with a car loaded with baby food, toiletries, laundry detergent, paper towels, feminine products, canned goods and other practical things that are difficult to get in Ukraine and that the fleeing refugees coming through all the surrounding borders desperately need. We hope to make it through the border from Slovakia into Ukraine Tuesday. A friend of mine has also arranged a truck loaded with things like beds, generators, mattresses, bedding and space heaters. We will be giving towards the expenses of the aid filling the truck. The temperature in Ukraine is still below freezing and many people have no way to stay warm.

Even with all the aid that has been given, it barely scratches the surface of the real needs. We are so thankful for you who have given financially. Your sacrificial gift will help provide for so many hurting people! Thank you again for partnering with us.


Live Not By Lies

I recently read a very interesting book called Live Not By Lies. This book is filled with the testimonies of Christian leaders who lived in Central and Eastern Europe during the 1950s through the 1980s under totalitarian communism.

It brought to my memory some of the Christian leaders I had met when I smuggled Christian literature into Central and Eastern Europe during the 1980s. Many of these Christian leaders are now 80 and 90 years old and their stories need to be heard before they pass away. Some of their stories are brought back to life in Live Not By Lies.

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