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News from the Harshes - September 2019



Visiting the States

We visited my home town, Adrian, Michigan where I grew up. I was reminded of my roots, where I  was the fifth of seven children who were raised on a dairy farm. I was able to meet with my cousin, whom I haven't seen for many years. He still has a dairy farm in the area.

Then, I was able to meet with old friends, I haven't seen in over 40 years. It was so interesting to see how our lives have changed over the years. We talked about our motorcycle riding days, trips we made together to Upper Michigan or to Shenandoah National Park. Now we are married with children and some of us have grandchildren. I was able to share how God has changed my life over the years. They expressed a desire to meet again, next time I'm in the area.


Josiah HMI

Josiah had the opportunity to be a counselor at a Hockey Ministries International (HMI) Christian sports camp. In the past he had the opportunity to be a camper at different HMI camps in the Czech Republic and the United States.

Josiah was a counselor for eleven and twelve-year-old year old boys. He taught them skating drills on the ice and also did off ice drills with them. Then he shared Jesus with them in their daily devotions. One of the boys dedicated his life to Jesus during the camp.

Josiah also checked out different Universities in Illinois and Michigan. He will be graduating from the Christian International School of Prague this year. He will start premedical training. Please pray that we are able to find the right school with a good scholarship program.


Sharing In Churches

While we were in the U. S. we had opportunity to share in several churches. We ministered in Adrian, Michigan and Chardon, Ohio.

It was so good to meet with Christian friends, some whom I have known since I was a young boy. Many of them asked good questions about how our family and ministry are doing. We were able to testify about how our ministry is changing and growing. 

We want to thank you for how you have been so faithfully supporting us for so many years. Your love, prayer and support is what has kept us on the mission field for so many years.


Cleveland Clinic

While Stateside, I visited the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. For a year I have had pain in my right shoulder. Several Czech Doctors told me that I needed an operation on my shoulder. The doctor at the Cleveland Clinic examined my shoulder. Then, he sat me down and showed the x-ray and the MRI in detail. The doctor gave me two shots in my shoulder and told me that I didn't need an operation but, I needed to do specific stretches to loosen my shoulder. At this time my shoulder is doing much better.


European Initiatives

After returning to Prague I was involved with an European Initiatives (EI) outreach team in Prague. They were allowed minister on the Main Square in Prague with preaching, music and drama. Many people stopped to watch and listen. One young man was really touched by their ministry. They were able to share with him for quite a long time. Then, the team broke into small groups of two or three. We were able to share  personal testimonies with a number of people. Several people were open to receive personal prayer. 

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