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News from the Harshes - March 2021


Prague, Still in Lockdown

We are still in lockdown here in the Czech Republic. Here is what the local news reports have to say...The pandemic has ravaged the Czech nation. At this point no one is allowed to leave the district they live in without special permission. There are police and military making sure people have their masks on in public, over their nose and mouth, and staying in their district. Cloth masks are no longer permitted on public transportation and in stores. They must be the FFP2 or N95 type. The hospitals are at capacity. The British COVID variant and the South African variant have spread quickly throughout the nation. Except for grocery stores, pharmacies and florists the stores are still closed and we have a 9pm curfew. The promised quantity of vaccinations that are being shipped to Czech keep getting reduced. They are still only vaccinating people 70 years old and older in Czech. We are hoping that after Easter they may lift a few of the restrictions. The COVID variants seem to be hitting more and more of Europe, so we are not sure when there will be open borders.

On a positive note, the lockdown has caused people to intentionally cry out to Jesus Christ. Our lives are focused more on prayer and devotion to God's Word. Though churches have been forced to still stay closed, their online services have had record numbers in attendance.


Ministry Continues Even Under Lockdown!

We are hanging in there, but it is getting long, folks. We sure appreciate your prayers for us, our team and those around us. We know several people in the hospital and are praying for their lives. We've had a couple of friends come out of the hospital and are on the mend. It sure is a time of prayer and intercession!

We are thankful that God is still on His throne! We have our team meetings on Zoom, and are involved in other prayer meetings, Bible studies, conference type calls and are writing a couple of articles for the Central European area of YWAM. We were able to help organize the Zoom Prayer Day, for YWAM Central Europe. We lead a Third Culture Kid (TCK) prayer session, (TCK, is a term used for children who are raised in a different country than their passport country). We are excited that a new interest group will be started because of this prayer time.

YWAM Prague is hoping to complete one of the Brave Art projects in April. It is a choreographed dance to reflect the spoken word, live stream we did in December based on the themes of addiction and redemption. We will be working behind the scenes. Ministry continues even under the lockdown!


Homeless Outreach

This Month we were involved with another Homeless Outreach. Since the COVID 19 lockdown in the Czech Republic, the government has put many homeless people in hostels.

We were able to prepare food for almost 70 homeless people. Because of the virus we were not allowed to enter the hostel, but handed four large pots of yummy food to the manager. We received feedback from the hostel, that everyone loved the meal and were very thankful for our service. Even the social workers at the hostel were able to enjoy the meal. We will be at it again next month as we join with, Love Prague Church, in providing another meal and some gift bags for the homeless in the hostels.


Narramore Christian Foundation

We would love to take a seminar on Counseling & Member Care put on by the Narramore Christian Foundation. Amidst the COVID pandemic we have seen so many needs arise and we feel it would be very worthwhile for us to be more equipped to handle these demanding situations.

The Foundation states that Cross-cultural workers are frequently called upon to support, counsel, and care for a great variety of people and needs. They and others around them often experience trauma, distress, and loss in their own lives and families.

This intensive seminar offers practical training in counseling and member care skills and also lays a foundational understanding of how all Christians grow. Instructors emphasize a strong integration of biblical truth with practical psychological insights and counseling techniques.

The seminar runs in October 2021 and the price is $3,600 for a married couple. They suggest that married couples attend together so this is our total cost. We are looking for partners who would be interested in helping us to attend this training. If you would like to join us financially, please make a donation earmarked for this seminar. Prayers for us to be equipped are also greatly appreciated!


Jesus Has Risen from the Dead

As we celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead, we can look forward to the final resurrection when He will return. Daniel 12:2-3 "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth, shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and perpetual contempt. And they that be wise, shall shine, as the brightness of the firmament: and they that turn many to righteousness, shall shine as the stars, forever and ever." As Believers we are called to let our lights shine and win many people to righteousness in Jesus Christ. To quote Reinhard Bonnke, we are called to, "Empty Hell and to populate Heaven." That is what Jesus has called us to do in Mark 16:15-19. His last command, should be our first priority! Have a blessed Resurrection Day and Happy Easter! Thank you for your partnership and many blessings of health and peace to you and your family! Love from Roger & Robin

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