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Much Needed Supplies Reach Ukraine—An Answer to Your Prayers!

We made it into Lviv, Ukraine. As always, thank you for your prayers and support as we transported much needed medical supplies and food across the border!

In Krakow, Poland, we met up with three other vans from European Initiative (EI). All our vans were loaded with medical and food supplies. At the Ukrainian border the officials were so backed up that the first two times they turned us away. It seemed many Ukrainians were headed back into Ukraine to survey the conditions of their homes and locate the whereabouts of family and friends. Fortunately, after the third attempt, the guards saw that we were persistent and knew that we had much needed food and medical supplies, and finally allowed us to cross the border. Thank you to those of you who prayed for us! From Lviv, the supplies were divided, and some were taken further east into the areas where they were most needed.

Driving through the countryside of Ukraine, we could see many defense barriers that have been erected to protect their communities from the Russian invasion. The road to Lviv was in disrepair. More than once we had to swerve to avoid deep potholes that could have broken an axel on one of the vans, but we made it!

While there in Lviv, we met up with a longtime friend, Pastor Andriy. He introduced us to several people there and we had the opportunity to minister at the main train station with their help translating. At the station, there were many refugees from eastern Ukraine who were seeking local accommodations and/or perhaps an opportunity to cross the border into Poland. There were volunteers from various humanitarian groups at the station helping them by providing food, water, and personal hygiene products. We were able to share the gospel of Jesus with many people there. The refugees were so open to receiving prayer and encouragement. One retired English teacher from eastern Ukrainian, shared how important it was for her to receive prayer. She said that it brought hope back into her life. You had a part in this!

Thank you again for partnering with us to bring hope and life to the people of Ukraine. We are thankful for those who have assisted with the funds for medical aid, humanitarian aid, and in-person encouragement and prayer. Your furthering of the Kingdom of Christ is a blessing to all.

HOW TO GIVE Christian Community Network of Churches

(or CCNC)

c/o Roger & Robin Harsh

5586 Olentangy River Road Columbus, Ohio 43235

The check should be made out to: CCNC for the Harshes *If a gift is to go directly to the Ukraine account, please make note of it.

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