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From Our Home to Yours

November 27th, 2023


Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we are reminded of the miracle of the first Thanksgiving. In 1621, the Pilgrim settlers cried out to God and were saved from starvation by Squanto and Samoset, the American Indians who were instrumental in the Pilgrims’ survival.

My own relatives came to America from Europe in 1680, going from Germany to England then to Maryland. They were farmers and missionaries to the American Indians. Later, they moved from the East Coast up to the territories where the Great Lakes are located, before there were States there.

In your journeys, may you be people who continually seek God's face in every situation in your life. May you rely on Him and give Him thanks in all things.

Here I am with our church friends in Prague, sharing about the first Thanksgiving. It was a joy to share this time together over a wonderful meal.



We want to thank you for your prayers and gifts which helped us to be involved in the YWAM Global Leadership Gathering in Chaing Mai, Thailand. We were able to meet with more than 700 missionary leaders from around the world, representing ninety nations. It was so good to hear faith-building testimonies and stories from missionaries working in so many nations of the world. We were so blessed to network with other missionaries who are involved with bringing the “Good News” of Jesus Christ in the areas where they are working.

This Gathering brought new insight and zeal to see the Kingdom of God expand in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Thank you again for your partnership in sending us to the Global Leadership Gathering.


Unexpected Challenges

I (Roger) was feeling some pressure in my chest and not feeling well, so I went to the doctor in Prague. They found that I had a bacterial infection in my lungs. The doctor prescribed a round of antibiotics and ordered a blood test for me.

About an hour later, the doctor called Robin and said I needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible due to high D Dimer levels, indicating a possible blood clot. We rushed to the hospital, where they found I had thrombosis in my right leg and a blood clot in my right lung. After three days in the hospital, I was prescribed blood thinners for six months and a compression sock for my right leg.

The doctor advised that I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting or strenuous work. With our plan to move in late November, it will be hard not to do any lifting. Please keep me in your prayers.


YWAM Meeting in Thessaloniki

In mid-November, Robin met with the YWAM Central European Core and Area Circle Team (ACT) in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Central European Area with YWAM represents 16 countries with about 200 people. It was a time filled with seeking God together, reflection, and planning. We have wonderful leaders in Central Europe, and it was a blessed time to meet with the 4 Core Circle Leaders for 1 day and then the rest of the ACT for several days. We feel the Lord is on the move in Central Europe.

During this wartime further East in Ukraine and Russia, our YWAM leaders have stepped up to the plate in going, giving, and hosting. Below is a picture of the church of Cyril and Methodius in Greece. They were some of the first missionaries to the Czech lands, translating the Bible into the Slavic languages. Cyril and Methodius ministered from Prague all the way to Kiev.

Also pictured is the Core Circle. After the meetings, Robin had a chance to visit Czech missionary friends ministering in the refugee camps north of Thessaloniki. It was a great time to catch up and pray together.



It's hard to believe that we have been at this address on Rooseveltova Street for over eight years. Elizabeth and Josiah spent their high school years in Prague and had birthday parties and many sleepovers with friends here. Holiday celebrations with family and friends have been a big part of life in our home. We have hosted friends, colleagues, and ministry teams from various countries. Being just fifteen minutes from the airport made it a good place for picking up and dropping off visitors.

We have been looking for a smaller apartment to move into but found nothing available for a decent price. Then, Yvonne, an old friend from the States, was visiting back in Czech. She told us about a little house her parents own on the Eastern edge of Prague. At first, we thought, "It's just too far away in a rural area on the edge of Prague." But as we thought about it, the little house grew on our hearts. We realized it would be a big financial saving to move, as everything in Prague is so expensive.

On November 30th, we will move to the village of Květince. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for this move. We are excited to move into this new chapter of our lives!


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Roger and his complete recovery from thrombosis.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance during a Teaching and Ministry weekend in Ostrava, Czech Republic on December 1 and 2.

  • Pray for setting up our new home to be a place of hospitality and rest for visitors.

  • Elizabeth and Josiah are scheduled to graduate in May! We will come to the States for their graduation ceremony and visit for several weeks at the end of April and beginning of May.


Giving Needs

  • Robin's coaching class is going well. She will need an additional $700 for the in-person training in January.

  • Additional finances are needed to cover ministry travel costs in Central Europe. We are blessed to have the opportunity to touch lives across the nations.



We would like to express our sincere thanks to those of you who are standing with us, especially during these changing times. Moving to a new home has been somewhat stressful, along with Roger's medical needs. We would not be able to be on the mission field without your partnership! We pray for you as well and bless you in the mighty name of Jesus!

Many Blessings,

Roger and Robin


HOW TO GIVE Christian Community Network of Churches

(or CCNC)

c/o Roger & Robin Harsh

5586 Olentangy River Road Columbus, Ohio 43235

The check should be made out to: CCNC for the Harshes *If a gift is to go directly to the Ukraine account, please make note of it.

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