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Thanksgiving News from the Harshes - November 2021


Counseling and Member Care Course

We attended a counseling and member care course with the Narramore Christian Foundation. This was a two week intensive training course. We've been wanting to take this course for years and were so glad to finally have the opportunity. It took place in Greece so that cross cultural workers from all over the world could attend. We were in the marriage tract for the afternoon training. They also addressed the unique challenges marriages and families face on the mission field. The course was taught by professionals in their fields. It was fantastic!

The sessions included a broad range of stimulating topics on theological foundations of member care, counseling, personal growth, and current issues. The seminar provided a rich opportunity to grow personally as well as professionally through education and training, elective workshops, networking, and consultation with staff.

We believe this training will help with our new positions in YWAM Central Europe.


Josiah Bike Accident

While we were at the counseling and member care course, we received a call from our son, Josiah. He just had a bicycle accident. He skidded on wet pavement and fell head first to the pavement, fracturing some bones in his face and received a massive concussion.

Elizabeth was amazing in getting Josiah to the doctors and helping him initially. Robin then made an emergency trip back to the States to help take Josiah to different doctors, cook soft food and generally help out. Because of the concussion he is finding it hard to focus on his demanding studies. In early summer Josiah will need to have reconstructive surgery on his cheek bone.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support for Josiah during this time. It meant the world to us to be able to reach out in prayer for him to many of you. We sure appreciate your prayer now as well. Josiah needs to be healed completely from any concussion symptoms and for the cheek bone operation in the summer.


Leadership Training School

We volunteered to serve at a YWAM leadership training school (LTS) in Slovenia. Mostly younger leaders were part of the training school. Because it took place in the YWAM Central European region we drove down to support the efforts there. We were blessed to help in practical ways and also to come alongside and talk and pray with several of our leaders. It was wonderful time of worship, learning together and fellowship.

We took a day on our way back to Prague to stop at Lake Bled. It's a very idyllic lake setting. Slovenia was more demanding in seeing COVID vaccination proof and an ID at all public locations. Even to get car gasoline we had to show proof! It was then announced that Austria was going back into lockdown Nov 22-Dec 13. They will not allow tourism, the hotels and museums, etc. will be closed. We knew we had to get back over the border before that deadline. At the Slovenian/Austrian border they asked us where we are going. We have Czech car plates so they seem satisfied that we were just transiting through on our way home.


New Positions

We have been asked to take new positions in YWAM Central Europe. In Europe YWAM is split into regions. The regions are, Western Europe, Northern Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe. In YWAM Central Europe there are 16 different nations. Robin has been asked to be on the Central European Core Circle team to help organize activities, planning and praying for YWAM Central Europe. Roger has been asked to be an Elder in YWAM Central Europe. He may be required to meet with different YWAM leaders in Central Europe for counseling and encouragement.


Roundtable Rival YWAM Prague

Roundtable Rival is a project of YWAM Prague that we have been working on for several months. It is a story of empowering purpose and identity, told through the creative art form of dance. It follows the journey of the main character as he first seeks to run from the calling on his life. He is empowered by the people around him to help step into who he is called to be. By letting go of his fears and insecurity, he stops running, begins to lead, and releases those around him to be empowered in their callings as well. We hope that this story encourages others to step into their calling, to be empowered, and to empower others.

Thank you to everyone who was involved with this project and helped bring the story to life!

Song - Roundtable Rival by Lindsey Stirling (We do not own this music. All rights go to Lindsey Stirling) Audio Clips: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Choreography: Amy Byers, Miranda Berg Director/Editor: Amy Byers Videography: Aleksei Adzhem, Tanae Potter Dancers: Amy Byers, Anna Volejnikova, Ify Divine Nsoha, Jacopo Salvestrini, Miranda Berg, Mitchell Mullen Film Crew: Franklin Garcia, James Matsinger, Robin Harsh, Roger Harsh



We are so grateful to those of you who give to this ministry year round. Thank you for your amazing support as it enables us to do so many wonderful things here in the Czech Republic, to see the Good News of Jesus reaching the hearts of so many. We pray Thanksgiving blessings and all of God's best for you and your families.

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