Site Update (December, 2016)

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New Year, New Season, New Hope

We want to thank you for how you have been so faithful throughout the year 2016. We would not be able to live and minister in the Czech Republic without your partnership. Thank you so much for your prayers, financial giving and your friendship. We are truly blessed by your encouragement throughout the year.


I am taking a course in leadership coaching and will participate in an intensive week-long course. I am also involved with Healing Rooms, where prayer teams pray for the specific needs of people. Just in the past year our teams have seen people healed from different illnesses by the power of God. On Saturday afternoons I help with Open Worship which takes place on the main square in Prague. It has been such a blessing to worship and share Jesus with people on the main square in Prague.  I travel to Ukraine several times a year (leaving tonight actually)  and I really enjoy the relationships with long time friends there. I am helping to plan the International Marriage Week National Leader's Conference which will be held in Prague. Awakening Europe will also take place in Prague during the summer which will be an exciting adventure!



For the second year in a row I have co-lead Community Bible Study in Prague on Thursdays. Other mornings I'm helping out over at the Christian school.  I enjoy our weekly outreaches to the homeless and street ministry. Occasionally I speak at different groups and love going to Ukraine. I'm a big fan of my kids! Come visit us! Prague is a wonderful city!!


I am a Junior at the Christian International School of Prague and enjoy studying science and math. The semester has been good so far and now all that is left is finals. I have been skating for ten years and I still love it. I have had the opportunity to meet friends and travel around to different countries because of skating. I also play the guitar and sometimes lead the worship at our schools chapel services. I am also starting to look at universities in the US and the Czech Republic to prepare for the next stage in life.


Hey everybody. I go to an international school in the middle of Prague that has an American based curriculum. School is going well and I am finishing up a busy semester. During this semester I acted in a school play called  Charley's Aunt. The whole cast did really well and it was really fun to be part of the production. I was also able to participate in a Christmas concert for my school as a guitar player for our school's Class of Rock. At the beginning of the semester I had a little fun playing soccer as a secondary sport for my school because they needed an extra player. My favorite after school activity is hockey. I've been playing for about eleven years and I enjoy playing now more than ever. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are excited for the New Year!