Site Update (August, 2017)

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Our Time Stateside

Roger and Josiah were in Michigan and Ohio during the month of July. Josiah attended a couple hockey camps with Hockey Ministries International (HMI). He was challenged and greatly encouraged. While Josiah was at hockey camp, Roger spent his time visiting churches and supporters.


Also during the month of July, Elizabeth had three weeks of training at a figure skating camp in Germany. We are so thankful for Elizabeth and Josiah's opportunity to pursue their dreams in figure skating and hockey.


Robin and Elizabeth were driving the car through Germany when the radiator hose blew on the car. By God's grace there was a Polish and Ukrainian truck driver who were like road angels. They were able to help them in a time of need.


Our car is 15 years old with over 100,000 miles on it, and as things keep breaking on it, the cost of repairs just keeps going up. It may be time for us to find a newer used car.

To Ukraine

We are leaving with a team to Ukraine today. Joe and Cheryl Cappurccini are with us from the States. Please pray for the ministry there as we work with the Gypsies, reach out to refugees and minister to the poor. We will be serving in the churches, and in the Gypsy camps. We have medical supplies with us for the refugees and the poor. Please keep us in your prayers.

Prayer Needs

Here are some of the needs we have.


  • We have a need for a different car. The car we have is fifteen years old with more than 100,000 miles on it.
  • Pray for the follow up we are doing with people from Awakening Europe in Prague.
  • Pray for our ministry in Ukraine.
  • Pray for the outreaches we are doing three days a week in Prague.
  • Pray for the Marriage Course we will run in the fall.


Thank you for how you have partnered with us over the years.